The perfume bottle of the future is here today


Can you picture what a perfume bottle for the modern age would look like? Would it rely on sleek design, or be built using new, innovative technology? Could it be a fashion statement, or a part of your interior decoration? Or could it possibly be all of the above – and even more?

One thing is certain – the art of perfume is about much more than its scent. Historically, perfume bottles could be as distinctive as the fragrance itself, telling the world something about the wearer’s style and personality. Their designers were almost as famous as the brands they worked for. Think Chanel No 5. Fendi by Fendi. Flower by Kenzo. These bottles were made to be displayed. To be beautiful and elegant, edgy and avant-garde, sporty and practical…

But what if they could be made to be unique?

Using new technology, the Whiff Lab and WEDO have officially brought the perfume bottle out of the bathroom cabinet and into the 21:st century. 3D printing and open-source circuitry make it possible for you to order a bottle made to your liking and have it delivered, or even download a design that you like from a digital library, and then print it yourself. As if that’s not cool enough, the LED lighting built into the bottle’s design makes it a stand-out fixture in any home – opening up a whole new world of customization, and even communication.

Imagine being able to express yourself through light animations on your very own bottle. Imagine that, with a simple swipe on your smartphone, you could set the color, intensity and frequency of each light, creating patterns that are suited for various situations and moods. Settling down with a good book after a long day? Try a soft blue, with some hints of green. Getting ready for a night on the town? Turn your perfume bottle in its very own version of ‘bright lights, big city’. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

We live in the age of technology. Ours is a lifestyle defined by the internet, smart wearables, an app for most of our needs – and as we move forward, our networks develop to include more and more things from our everyday existence. This perfume bottle is made to fit seamlessly into the rest of our expanding ecosystem. It is more than a bottle. More than a gadget, more than a light fixture, and more than an accessory.

It is an identity, and it proves that while technology can be practical, it can also be beautiful, emotional, unique. And above all, it can be made for you.