Aimees Whiff-a-gram


Aimee sent her Whiff-a-gram to her boyfriend Ryan because she really loves him and she wanted to celebrate their relationship. She hoped that the Whiff-a-gram would make Ryan feel loved and she wanted to remind him that he is needed in her life.

She chose an old picture of her and Ryan kissing since she felt it really symbolizes how special Ryan is to her.  Amy refers to him as her everything and felt that this picture really captures that. They hope that they can stay together forever and that the Whiff-a-gram will be a memory that they can hold on to.

Aimee’s Whiff-a-gram came with whiff of love for her which is the smell of seduction. It’s a scent of sensual imagination, for the free and the proud. With warm notes of floral femininity with a subtle flame of spice, it’s the perfect representation of feminine passion. It’s just like the love Aimee has for her boyfriend.