Katies Whiff-a-gram


Katie sent a Whiff-a-gram as a birthday present to her best friend with the same name. She thought it would be a great way to celebrate their friendship as well as giving her friend a birthday gift at the same time. She thinks that her friend will be happy about receiving the Whiff-a-gram but that she also will laugh at her for the silly picture. But that’s real friendship.

Katie says that her friend is great and really loves her. She saw the picture as a great representation and symbol of their friendship. She also thinks that she and her friend have a strong bond that will last for years.

Katie’s Whiff-a-gram came with the whiff of bff’s, which is for the best of friends. The fragrance is based on a handpicked selection of traditional, authentic and unmistakably British ingredients. Fresh apples, cardamom and lavender have been bound together to create this alluring scent. Just like Katie and her best friend have a bond that will last a lifetime.